Trump’s Border Wall Could Pay for Itself by Cutting Welfare to Illegal Immigrants

That’s what recent immigration studies are showing about the $18 billion wall that President Trump plans to build along the southern border.

Mexico won’t have to pay for the wall, after all. US taxpayers won’t have to pick up the tab, either. The controversial barrier, rather, will cover its own cost just by closing the border to illegal immigrants who tend to go on the federal dole.

That’s the finding of recent immigration studies showing the $18 billion wall President Trump plans to build along the southern border will pay for itself by curbing the importation of not only crime and drugs, but poverty.

The wall could pay for itself even if it only modestly reduced illegal crossings and drug smuggling.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said many illegal aliens enter thU.S. to take advantage of taxpayer-funded social programs like welfare and public education.

“When you look at what a wall will do in allowing us to apprehend the vast majority of those individuals that are coming across the border, it will cut down on how much the taxpayer burden will be, which then will go straight into funding the wall,” Judd explained.

The best one, is the taxing of immigrant remittances, a straightforward exit tax taken directly from cash transmitted through the banking system.
It works because the money is often earned under the table and is thus, untaxed the way other Americans’s income is. It also makes sense because the cash being remitted is critical to the Mexican and Central American governments that depend on the incoming funds (in Mexico’s case, more important than oil earnings), and less of it coming across gets the message across that Mexico is paying, even if not all of the remittances are sent by illegal migrants.

Illegals coming into the country create an average burden of more than $72,000 during their lifetime, and when you add in their children, the amount goes up to about $94,000.
That’s not chump change, and it’s per illegal. Multiply that by 11 million illegals and now you know why Trump got elected for saying he wants to build a wall.

 Border Wall

If a border wall stopped a small fraction of the illegal immigrants who are expected to come in the next decade, the fiscal savings from having fewer illegal immigrants in the country would be sufficient to cover the costs of the wall.

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